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  • Geosteering

  • Planning/Development Strategies

  • Operations (24/7 drilling assistance)

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Technical Data Analysis

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Compass Geologic is composed of a team of highly experienced petroleum geologists with a combined experience of over 20 years working for multiple large operators including EQT and as well as vendor experience via multiple well known providers.




At Compass Geologic, we offer all necessary aspects of geologic work necessary to plan, drill, and complete the most productive wells possible from a geologic standpoint including: Geosteering, Operations, Development and Technical Analysis.




We possess significant geologic operations and development experience in the following plays:


  • Marcellus

  • Utica

  • Permian

  • More than 10 additional lesser known targets in the Appalachian Basin, including traditionally conventional sandstone and limestone targets

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