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Compass Geologic Team Profiles


Scott Huck

     Scott began his professional career in oil and gas in 2013 as an operations geologist with EQT Corporation after receiving his Master of Science in Geology from Bowling Green State University. During his time with EQT, he was a key contributor to the day to day drilling operations and geologic development of multiple oil and natural gas fields in the Appalachian and Permian Basin. His experience includes the drilling and development of the Utica Shale (Point Pleasant), Marcellus Shale, Geneseo Shale, Lower Huron Shale, Cleveland Shale, Berea Sandstone, Weir Sandstone, and Big Lime Limestone, as well as the Wolfcamp and Cline Shale in the Permian Basin. Along with a solid operational background, Scott is also highly experienced in structural, geochemical, petrophysical, and seismic mapping and interpretation and has a great working knowledge of open hole and production logging. While at EQT, he was able to gain a deep understanding of real-time drilling operations while working in EQT’s real-time operations center where he worked alongside directional drillers and engineers to create operational efficiencies for a 10-rig drilling program and perfected his communication skills as a geologist and geosteerer.

     Prior to Compass, Scott gained further Permian Basin experience while working for Reservoir Group in Houston, Texas as a senior operations geologist. At Reservoir Group he excelled at providing geological guidance during the horizontal drilling of multiple wells for multiple operators in the Permian Basin. His time there has allowed him to gain a further understanding of the Sprayberry, Wolfcamp, and Barnett Shale formations.

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